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Taxation is the art of protecting income, reducing taxes, maximizing investments, understanding change, and planning for the company's future as its realities and challenges evolve - to briefly summarize a complex and ever-changing universe.

Our expertise lies in simplifying this world for you with a complete range of services and winning tax strategies that are connected to today's business context... and tomorrow's.

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In 2021, I decided to buy out the shareholders of the company I had been a part of for 15 years. Mr. XXX immediately inspired trust with his vast knowledge and courtesy. He was highly available and very professional. He provided me with valuable advice throughout the buyout process, making the transaction as fiscally advantageous as possible while respecting the stakeholders and, of course, all applicable laws.



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«We enable our clients to optimize several thousand dollars each year. That's just one of many examples of adsom's value-added services for business leaders. A tax expert is the best person to answer your questions about the structure, shareholding, projects, and evolution of your business.»

Antoine Crochetière

CPA, CMA, Partner