More efficiency, precision, and vision.
Less paper, heaviness, and doubt.

Welcome to adsom, business accountants, the firm for business leaders, managers, and ambitious entrepreneurs seeking performance, strategic depth, and partnership.

Culture hero

Numbers change constantly.
Our priority remains the same: providing support.

We guide you toward

Success and doubt

Growth and risk

Advances and setbacks


The 3 pillars
of our culture


Surround yourself with people who listen to you. Because behind the numbers, there’s always a story.

The adsom team is driven by a strong culture focused on service and collaboration. We strive to make this presence felt from the first point of contact, and in every interaction that follows. 


Surround yourself with people who understand you. Because behind the numbers, there’s always a vision.

We help our clients do better every day, offering solutions that make it easier to manage their business while increasing its valuation and growth. 


Surround yourself with people who support you. Because behind the numbers, there’s always the future.

We focus on the tangible value that our collaboration and expertise brings to business leaders, providing effective support where it matters most.

Nous collaborons

We're listening
We collaborate
With confidence…

In a world of calculation, competition, and complexity, we bring attentiveness, clarity, confidence, and yes – meaning. adsom, inspired by the latin adsum, “I am here”. More than a name, it’s the promise of a whole team: we are here. 

The values
that unite us


Nothing is more important than courtesy, integrity, and the quality of our relationships.


We stand out for our presence, our attentiveness, our agility, and the pride we take in satisfying our clients.


Because when our heart is in our work, we’re engaged in what we do – and that’s when talent shines.


We are a dynamic team dedicated to continuously improving our solutions and practices.

The team

Our skills, work ethic, and character have earned the trust of reputable people and companies. It’s a privilege we honour by exceeding their expectations for 30 years and counting.

See yourself here?